This Annual Report provides an account of our activities in 2017 and clarifies our role in the humanitarian aid sector.

Stakeholder dialogue is key

We consulted a representative sample of our stakeholders about the aspects of our work they wanted information on. Based on their input, we selected 11 themes that form the basis of this Annual Report.

Integrated reporting

This is an integrated Annual Report incorporating financial, operational and policy information. The financial information was prepared in accordance with our Director of Finance and Operations.


Our stakeholders attach great value to transparency - and so do we. We asked for their input and this input formed the basis of the materiality chart below.


Photos: Biaa Malaeb, Daniel Massain, Eddy van Wessel, Folkert Rinkema, Geert Snoeijer, Hussein Baydoun, Irina Raiu, Jeppe Schilder, Keith Lapor, Lola Groothuijzen, Marco van Hal, Merijn Roubroeks, Michiel Bles, Mona van den Berg, Nick Steinbuch,


This report contains general information about War Child Holland and is intended for informational purposes only.

Budget 2018

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