Operational excellence

With our drive for operational excellence and quality, 2017 saw several key projects undertaken to improve and clarify governance and efficiency. We adopted our ICT environment to the growth in size and complexity of our organisation.


War Child made great strides in 2017 in renewing our primary IT business systems - resulting in a more extensive, innovative and agile operation. All of these efforts serve to support our ambition to become a networked expert organisation.

Low-Cost Policy

War Child strictly applies a low-cost policy and strives for savings in every purchase through price comparison and negotiation. In addition, many corporate donors support War Child by providing their products and services free of charge.

Corporate Social Responsibility

War Child works to inspire and socially activate people in support of the organisation’s goals.

Accountability and Transparency

War Child reports to its stakeholders in accordance with relevant requirements and standards, such as Guideline RJ650 for its annual reporting as well as data publication in line with the standards of the International Aid Transparency Initiative

Developments in Income

In 2017, War Child’s total income grew by 28 per cent from €28.5 million in 2016 to €36.4 million. In its 2017 annual plan, War Child set an ambitious total income target of €35.5 million, which is surpassed by €0.9 million.

Income from individuals and companies

Total income from individuals in 2017 was €8.8 million, up €0.1 million compared with the previous year. The income realization was 9 per cent, or €0.8 million, below the budget for 2017, which we now regard as too ambitious.

Income from governments

Income from governments in 2017 was €13.0 million.

Income from lotteries

Income from the National Postcode Lottery increased by a staggering €2.9 million in 2017 compared to the previous year, which is related to long-term grants that were awarded to our Can’t Wait to Learn and TeamUp programmes.

Income from other organisations

Income from other organisations more than doubled year-on-year. In 2017, our single largest donor is the IKEA Foundation, which generously continues to contribute to our programmes for multiple years in multiple countries.