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Programme Partnerships

War Child works in partnership with other organisations to effectively deliver our programmes. We depend on the expertise, knowledge and complimentary capacity of partner organisations, both on an international basis and inside our countries of operation. Our participation in global and local partnerships continued to be a focus in 2017 and resulted in a number of breakthroughs in terms of both policy and programme implementation.

Work began in September to develop our strategic partnership strategy in collaboration with War Child UK. This strategy is expected to be finalised in the first quarter of 2018. This specific strategy should steer the direction of our work with a range of partners, with the aim to increase the impact of the work of War Child.

Some of the organisations we worked with during 2017 are listed below:

Can’t Wait to Learn Coalition:

All sponsors and partners working as part of Can’t Wait to Learn share one vision: to work together to develop a model that provides conflict-affected children with access to quality education. Each partner contributes its unique knowledge, expertise and strength. Can't Wait to Learn is a collaboration between War Child, Ahfad University for Women, TNO, Butterfly Works, Ministries of Education in Sudan, Jordan and Lebanon and UNICEF. In 2016 Can’t Wait to Learn was one of the first three projects worldwide chosen to join the Humanitarian Education Accelerator programme (for education innovations in emergencies), led by UNHCR, UNICEF and DFID. See our Funding Partners section for further details.

Dutch Relief Alliance:

War Child is a member of the Dutch Relief Alliance. The Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) responds to major international crises in a timely and effective manner. The Alliance is a cooperation of sixteen Dutch NGOs, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (MoFA). In 2017 War Child participated in DRA Joint Response interventions inside Iraq, the Central African Republic (CAR), Yemen, Afghanistan, South Sudan and also participated in the DRA Syrian Response.

Mercy Corps:

In 2014, War Child and Mercy Corps were awarded a grant from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada for a project entitled ‘Protection and Education of Vulnerable Children and Youth in Colombia’. The goal of this continuing project is to increase the realisation of protection and education rights leading to a future free of violence for girls, boys and youth in Putumayo and Chocó.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (MoFA):

War Child has a long-standing partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has been instrumental in developing our innovation agenda through the C@nnect.Now programme (2011-15), providing in-country support on lobbying and advocacy activities and helping to build strategic partnerships with other agencies.

Right To Play and KNVB WorldCoaches:

War Child works in partnership with Right to Play and the KNVB WorldCoaches programme within the Sports and Humanitarian Assistance (SaHA) project in Lebanon. The project utilises a ‘sports for development’ approach and is designed to empower children and youth to contribute to social cohesion and peaceful interaction between Syrian refugees and their host communities in Lebanon.

TeamUp Coalition:

War Child, Save the Children and UNICEF Netherlands joined forces in 2015 to jointly support refugee children in the Netherlands through the project ‘TeamUp’. The objective of TeamUp is to offer structured recreational activities, facilitated by professionals on a voluntary basis, to children living in asylum reception centres. Sport, play and movement activities scheduled at fixed days and times provide stability and structure, enhance life skills and provide relaxation. 2017 saw 1,641 children participate in more than 660 TeamUp sessions at 20 asylum centres. 2018 will see TeamUp expand to 32 locations in the Netherlands.

Terre des Hommes:

War Child participates with the Dutch and Italian divisions of Terre des Hommes and AVSI as part of the Back to the Future coalition. This coalition programme sees the organisations - with support of the European Union EU Madad Fund - address the education needs of Syrian refugee children and children from host communities inside Lebanon and Jordan.


War Child works in partnership with Dutch organisation ZOA and VNGI inside the Democratic Republic of Congo, where both organisations are officially designated as a Strategic Partner of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Addressing Root Causes of Conflict.