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War Child Sweden

War Child Sweden is now officially registered as a Swedish fundraising foundation. War Child Sweden embraces the same vision and mission of War Child Holland - to campaign and raise funds on behalf of conflict-affected children worldwide. In 2017 we made great progress in building the War Child Sweden brand – and our ultimate aim is to be the most innovative and creative NGO in Sweden.

2017 marked the first real chapter in War Child Sweden’s history and strong foundations for future growth were put in place. Our ‘start-up’ spirit helped us to forge strong relationships with private companies and foundations - relationships that we will build upon in the coming years.

Our efforts to raise the visibility of the War Child Sweden brand over the course of the year were also successful. The year saw us launch seven fundraising and publicity campaigns in total - including two music events and a national campaign to mark Saint Lucia's Day. These efforts resulted in a high volume of media attention - including several national TV and radio interviews and more than 100 press mentions.

We were also successful in expanding our reach through social media - we began to build a base of followers on Facebook and Instagram and were one of the first four NGOs in Sweden to get a donate button on Facebook.

Our strong relationship with Queen Silvia’s Care about the Children Foundation continued, while new relationships were built with - among others - Scania and a significant contribution to our work from the H&M Foundation. While initial contacts have been made with the Swedish government, this will be further explored in 2018.