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Supervisory Board Report

War Child is registered in the Netherlands as a foundation. In accordance with Dutch laws and regulations, a clear division has to be maintained between the managerial and executive responsibilities of an organisation and its supervisory responsibilities. War Child adheres to this structure.

The War Child Supervisory Board appoints the Managing Director and is responsible for supervising, monitoring and advising the Managing Director. The Board undertakes these responsibilities during four regularly scheduled annual meetings and additional meetings when necessary. During these meetings it has contact with all members of the Management Team (MT). The Supervisory Board also occasionally meets with the War Child Works Council to receive updates from staff representatives.

All Supervisory Board members work on a voluntary basis and have specific experience and expertise to contribute to War Child. The Supervisory Board has no managerial responsibility and is responsible for its own composition and the assessment of the quality of its contribution. The Supervisory Board Rules contain principles of governance and are available on War Child’s website.

The RvT has checked the requirements of the SBF Governance Code and RJ650 to review and address a number of topics around objective setting; competencies; results; financial decision making; risk management, as well as it’s own composition, competencies and activities. The RvT believes that all these issues - through the thorough agenda setting both in the Audit Committee as well as in the Board meetings are implicitly subject to regular review and open discussions with management. Based on the requirements the RvT will ensure a specific RvT meeting will be planned in 2018 to reflect all these requirements and provide specific feedback in the future Reports of the Supervisory Board.