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War Child made great strides in 2017 in renewing our primary IT business systems - resulting in a more extensive, innovative and agile operation. All of these efforts serve to support our ambition to become a networked expert organisation.

In February 2017 we selected Salesforce as our new IT systems platform. All administration related to our donors, campaigns, projects and grants - as well as planning, monitoring and evaluation - are now conducted through this new platform.

The platform was developed and implemented using agile working methods and went live according to schedule in October 2017. The new system will be used both in the Netherlands and in our programme countries. It will allow both for more flexible and efficient administration of campaigns as well as the faster roll out of new programme interventions.

The Salesforce platform also allows for improved data integration across the entire organisation. All data will now be housed on one platform - allowing for improved analysis, campaigns and project management.

In parallel, a new accounting and financial reporting system (Unit4/Business World) was selected in August 2017. This new system will be implemented globally in the first halve of 2018.

The new financial system will contribute to our goal of operational excellence by making our financial processes and administration more efficient and by making the information readily available in all countries.

The year also saw us implement new security measures and procedures to protect War Child’s information and IT systems against the growing number of external cyber security threats. This work will also prepare the organisation to meet new data privacy regulations that enter into force in 2018.