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Vision and Mission

War Child works exclusively to improve the lives of children affected by armed conflict. We support children in fourteen countries through wide-ranging programmes that combine psychosocial support, protection and education for maximum impact. Our ultimate goal is to improve the psychosocial wellbeing of children affected by conflict.

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Globally there are some two hundred and fifty million children and adolescents whose fundamental rights to be protected, educated and live free from fear and trauma are repeatedly violated.

What’s more, the challenges we face are growing in complexity. The nature of armed conflict is evolving and increasingly taking place within the heart of civilian populations. In Syria alone, the nearly eight-year conflict has caused the deaths of more than 250,000 people - including thousands of children.

Networked Expert Organisation:

We will never reach the world’s 250 million conflict-affected children by ourselves. But we believe - and are building the evidence to support this belief - that our interventions make a difference and should be offered to as many children as possible. In order to increase our reach - and ensure that our work has maximum impact - War Child will increasingly collaborate with organisations across the world and encourage the replication of our proven programme models.

Research and Development is a key driver of this process - and will see us develop a package of evidence-based interventions. These will be piloted and implemented directly in our programme countries - and more widely shared via a network of partner organisations.

These interventions will make up the War Child Care System. We will offer a range of interventions across all levels of a child’s life – encompassing peers, parents, teachers and the wider community – that will lead to a local and effective system of care. All interventions will be integrated for enhanced effect and implemented in close collaboration with our country programme teams.

This collaboration and sharing of knowledge highlights what we mean when we refer to ourselves as a Networked Expert Organisation.