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Aims and Ambitions

Our medium-term ambition - as outlined in our Global Strategy 2020 - is to be the networked expert organisation for psychosocial wellbeing for children affected by conflict. This process will see us collaborate with organisations across the world and syndicate our proven programme models. These efforts will ensure that our work has maximum reach, scale and impact.

Several significant milestones have been reached in pursuit of this strategy. Our overarching Theory of Change has been developed and refined - and will provide the means to reach increasing numbers of conflict-affected children and youth beyond simply expanding our own field operations. One tangible example of this approach is illustrated by the success of our education programme Can’t Wait to Learn.

To ensure further progress against the ambitions set out in our 2020 Strategy we will develop mechanisms and strategies to allow us to expand our scale - and so further enhance the impact of our Theory of Change.