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Engaging with Stakeholders

We continued to take important steps to strengthen our engagement strategy over the course of 2017. We learned more about the quality and quantity of our contacts thanks to research conducted by a trainee in econometrics. The findings of this research will be applied to ensure we become more relevant to our structural donors or ‘Friends’.

© Nick Steinbuch

We also put measures in place to involve our new Friends more closely in our work. Our programme allows us to engage with new donors through methods including small inquiries, personal messages from staff in our programme countries and phone calls to gauge their experiences in dealing with War Child.

Feedback on the quality of our regular communications was also gathered over the course of the year. We sent our Friends four newsflashes and newsletters via email and them to respond to these communications - providing either a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’. We also invited 40,000 Friends to provide us with qualitative feedback on how we communicate with them.