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Theory of Change

War Child has developed a Theory of Change (ToC) which guides the development and implementation of our Care System inside our countries of operation. The ToC helps us to identify the changes we want to bring about and examine how (and why) they are expected to occur within a particular context.

The ToC outlines a number of pre-conditions that must be in place to ensure we can achieve our desired long-term outcome and impact - to boost the strength and resilience of children forced to live with the effects of war. These pre-conditions include a reduction of distress among children; that children are adequately protected; and that children have improved academic, social and emotional learning outcomes.

Our interventions are designed to contribute towards these pre-conditions. Progress is measured through indicators attached to each of these outcomes - example indicators include ‘improved wellbeing’, ‘perceived safety’ and ‘reduced distress’.

The ToC process forms the basis for shaping the development, implementation and evaluation of each War Child intervention - and serves as the framework of our R&D agenda.