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Communications with Stakeholders

In support of our strategic goal towards becoming a networked expert organisation - and to enhance our expert credentials - we shifted the focus of our dialogue with our stakeholders in 2017. Our current objective is to position War Child as an internationally acknowledged expert on children affected by armed conflict - able to influence key stakeholders and raise awareness about our work.

This strategy resulted in an increased volume of positive press coverage about our work over the course of the year. This new focus was also evident in our communications with our donor base - in particular the successful petition campaign which saw a public statement in support of conflict-affected children delivered to the Dutch Parliament.

Our most important stakeholders are, of course, the children who participate on our programmes - and we made great efforts to make their voice heard more fully during 2017. The year saw us pilot-test our new Youth Council initiative - which sees youth in Sri Lanka, Colombia and the Netherlands participate in youth advisory bodies that directly influence our work. This initiative will ensure our work remains relevant.