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War Child Events

In January 2017 we organised the third edition of our annual Kili Challenge. The event saw 75 participants raise € 395,877 - € 95,000 more than our fundraising target. It proved to be the most successful edition since the 2015 launch event. Our ambassador Tooske Ragas also joined the event, raising € 15,000 and generating extensive press coverage.

June saw the second edition of our network TV special Jij&Ik (You&Me) - produced in collaboration with EO and I Care. The primetime broadcast on Dutch national broadcaster NPO1 generated massive interest among the viewing public - despite being held on a very sunny national exam day.

Viewing figures for the event fell slightly year-on-year - some 700,000 people tuned into the 2017 edition, compared with 2016’s figure of 950,000. Even so, the hour-and-a-half broadcast yielded a number of new structural donors – enabling us to support an additional 4,378 children affected by armed conflict.

Our fundraising efforts surrounding Jij&Ik were improved through our use of scrum project management methodologies. These methods helped us to develop an integrated event which involved all our target groups. Highlights included a Kids event and a business friends event on the day of transmission.