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  • Total population: 9.4 million

  • Total population under 18: 4 million

  • Children affected by conflict: 310,000 refugee children

  • Number of War Child projects in 2017: Four

  • Number of implementing partner organisations: Seven

  • Number of partners providing funding: One

Why We’re There

Jordan has been a haven for refugees from across the Middle East throughout its history. The effects of the conflicts in both neighbouring Syria and Iraq have increased pressures inside the Kingdom in recent years.

Jordan currently hosts approximately 658,000 registered Syrian refugees - the second-highest refugee rate per person in the world. In reality the total may be twice that. The majority of these refugees are children living in poverty who are exposed to a number of threats and rights violations.

Child refugees inside Jordan face a number of threats to their safety. Child labour is a particular problem - with many adult refugees denied full legal status and therefore unable to work, children are often forced into exploitative work. Refugee children also face significant barriers to accessing education.

What We Do

The War Child office in Jordan was established in early 2013 in response to the Syrian refugee crisis. We are currently operating in Za’atari, Azraq and Jordanian-Emirati refugee camps, and with our local partners in the host communities of Mafraq and Zarqa governorate.

War Child Holland supports the work of War Child UK inside Jordan. We work to provide children with the opportunity to reclaim their childhoods and rebuild their futures after years of violence. Inside our network of ‘Safe Spaces’ children from all communities can play, learn and develop. We aim to achieve that through child protection, education, psychosocial support and youth empowerment interventions.

The two organisations collaborate on two programmes - Time to Be a Child and Can’t Wait to Learn - more details on which can be found in the Lebanon section of this report.