Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team (SMT) is comprised of managers representing all five departments of War Child.

International Management Team

The International Management Team (EMT) is comprised of the Senior Management Team, the Managing Director of War Child Sweden and representative War Child Country Directors.

Supervisory Board Report

War Child is registered in the Netherlands as a foundation.

Risks and Uncertainty

War Child has to combat a variety of challenges that pose a threat to our successful operations.

Aims and Ambitions

Our medium-term ambition - as outlined in our Global Strategy 2020 - is to be the networked expert organisation for psychosocial wellbeing for children affected by conflict.

Composition of Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board Rules outline the various areas of expertise needed in the composition of the Supervisory Board to ensure it is a diverse, independent and collegial body, which is able to competently execute its responsibilities and tasks.

Communications with Stakeholders

In support of our strategic goal towards becoming a networked expert organisation - and to enhance our expert credentials - we shifted the focus of our dialogue with our stakeholders in 2017.

Social Entrepreneurship

Our primary concern is the enhanced wellbeing of children forced to live with the effects of armed conflict. We nevertheless seek to contribute to positive change - on a social, cultural and environmental level - in everything we do.

Works Council

The Works Council is comprised of five War Child employees - four from our Amsterdam head office and one representing our programme countries. Members sit on the Works Council for three years.

Remuneration Managing Director

The Supervisory Board on the recommendation of the Remuneration Committee determined the level of management remuneration and the amount of other remuneration components during 2017. The remuneration policy is updated periodically.