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Institutional Fundraising

War Child works to deliver a positive, lasting impact on the lives of children and young people in conflict-affected areas. Long-term financial support is crucial in helping us achieve this goal. Institutional partners, including governments and international organisations, provide 56 per cent of our funding.

We exceeded our 2017 targets for institutional fundraising, signing 44 contracts with a multi-year value of €33.6M. This growth was driven in part by access to a range of funding opportunities identified throughout the year.

Our participation in the MoFA-funded Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) saw us being able to respond to a number of humanitarian initiatives through a joint response with other (Dutch) organisations. In 2017 War Child participated in DRA Joint Responses inside Iraq, the Central African Republic (CAR), Yemen, Afghanistan, South Sudan and the Syrian Response.

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Funding from the Dutch Government was also secured for the Addressing Root Causes project in DRC and the Sports and Humanitarian Assistance project in Lebanon. Funds from the European Commission were granted for our projects in Colombia, DRC, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Uganda and the occupied Palestinian territories, as well as for our Syrian Response programme.

We also received significant funding from non-profit organisations such as the IKEA Foundation, Bernard van Leer Foundation, Google.org and the Adessium Foundation.

Lastly, we were also very proud to receive an Extra Project award from the National Postcode Lottery in recognition of our successful programmes TeamUp and Can’t Wait to Learn. Margriet Schreuders, Head of Charities at Dutch Postcode Lottery commented: “Support to refugees is one of the priorities of the Postcode Lottery.”

“We are excited to see the unique partnership between War Child, Save the Children and UNICEF Netherlands to support children in asylum seeking centres in the Netherlands so they have something to look forward to every week. We are also impressed by War Child’s Can’t Wait to Learn programme. We are proud that with support from the Dream Fund, thousands of refugee children will now have access to quality learning opportunities.”

The 2017 Klaus J. Jacobs Best Practice Prize was awarded to War Child for our global efforts to improve the lives of children exposed to war by promoting psychosocial well-being and fostering emotional resilience for their future. The Jacobs Foundation was founded in 1989 and since then promotes worldwide research projects, intervention programs and academic institutions focused on child and youth development.