Vision and Mission

War Child works exclusively to improve the lives of children affected by armed conflict. We support children in fourteen countries through wide-ranging programmes that combine psychosocial support, protection and education for maximum impact.

Our road to 2020

Our ambition - as outlined in our Global Strategy 2020 - is to be the networked expert organisation for psychosocial wellbeing for children affected by conflict.

Our Methodology

War Child works exclusively to improve the lives of children affected by conflict. We offer children psychosocial support, education and protection in fourteen countries across the world.

Psychosocial Support

War Child works to support the healthy psychosocial development of children living with the consequences of armed conflict. With the right support, most children will be able to cope with the adversities they experience.


Article 28 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child states that every child has the right to a formal education - yet more than 24 million children across the world have never seen a teacher as a result of armed conflict.

Child Protection

War Child Holland’s child protection programming focuses on prevention and response to abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation of children whose lives are affected by conflict.

War Child Global

War Child Holland and War Child UK currently operate as two separate entities.

New Donor Markets

War Child continually looks at ways we can expand our fundraising income - both from private and institutional sources - in order to fulfil our mission in support of conflict-affected children.

War Child Sweden

War Child Sweden is now officially registered as a Swedish fundraising foundation. War Child Sweden embraces the same vision and mission of War Child Holland - to campaign and raise funds on behalf of conflict-affected children worldwide.