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Risk Management

Working in conflict-affected areas to achieve War Child’s objectives requires proper risk management. We strive to mitigate risks that pose a threat to reaching our objectives. War Child has a ‘bottom-up’ risk management approach, in which the periodic risk assessment of country management teams feeds into the organisation’s consolidated risk matrix. In our country offices, risk workshops are also held that focus on awareness and culture. Periodically, senior managers report on the risks perceived and on mitigating measures that are put in place.

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War Child’s primary risks are outlined below, categorised into strategic, operational, legal and governmental, and financial risks. The main risks that fall under each category are described, as well as mitigation measures, to give an indication of management choices in controlling risks and uncertainties.

The information below represents only an extract of our full risk matrix, in which a wider range of risks are identified, rated and (where possible) mitigated.