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Improved efficiency

Significant steps were taken - with the input of a consultant from War Child UK - towards the choice of a new Human Resource Information System (HRIS). A ‘purchase trajectory’ has been pursued, examining options for both local and international (together with War Child UK) systems for our organisation. The eventual rollout of the new HRIS in 2018 will entail a significant time investment.

We also continued to examine ways to enable the Global Mobility of our staff - and pursue our dream that anyone on our staff can work from anywhere. This has presented us with some challenges in the shape of global variations in labour laws, social security, income tax and pension provision.

Our ideal would see our staff working anywhere in the world - connected to the organisation by the internet. In reality this vision is difficult to execute as labour relations are regulated by national laws and treaties. We will continue to find solutions to these obstacles on a case-by-case basis and will also draw on crucial outside expert advice.