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Organisational structure

Two major internal restructurings took place during 2017. The first months of the year saw the creation of a new Marketing, Communications and Fundraising (MCF) department. The second half of the year saw our new International Programmes department formed, with the recruitment of a new Director of International Programmes.

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Our Regional Teams model in East Africa and the Middle East was further developed over the course of the year. The structure has, however, yet to be finalised - more clarity has to be provided on how the division of job responsibilities and regions might deviate in form, shape and speed. The new Director of International Programmes will play a vital role in moving this process forward.

The division of decision-making power and responsibilities between head office and our regional and country levels is currently in development across several areas.

Learning for our individual members of staff has also been prioritised - with personalised ‘learning journeys’ incorporated into our ‘i-Talent’ management system.