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Learning Organisation

War Child has the ambition to become a true Learning Organisation - one where members of staff follow personalised learning journeys in our core areas of expertise.

A Learning Organisation is the term given to an organisation that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforms itself. In 2017 we finalised our Learning Strategy which will guide our journey towards becoming a Learning Organisation in the years to 2020. This strategy was developed in collaboration with staff across the organisation.

Our vision is that War Child will in time become a recognised Learning Hub - one in which we connect, inspire, share, learn and continuously improve our practice. This will contribute towards our ultimate goal of improving the wellbeing and resilience of conflict-affected children and youth across the world.

2017 saw us undertake the first activities to achieve our four main goals in the learning strategy:

  1. Development of learning paths to mature capabilities of War Child staff and partners.

  2. Promotion of personalised learning journeys, regular learning lunches and a monthly learning blog - all of which will serve to create a culture of learning.

  3. Recruitment of ‘learning promoters’ across the organisation to conduct learning needs analysis and promote learning.

  4. Selection of an online learning platform to allow us to scale up our support to our partners and networks. The Humanitarian Leadership Academy - an online global learning hub - was contracted to host our War Child online learning platform.

In 2017 also saw the first in the series of our War Child Masterclasses, organised by our Research and Development department. The first saw Professor Sir Graham Thornicroft deliver a talk on reducing stigmatisation in low- and middle-income countries. The event was live-streamed to a global audience.

These measures will in future allow us to expand our reach and support increasing numbers of conflict-affected children - through the use of learning as a tool of leverage.