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War Child Global

War Child Holland and War Child UK currently operate as two separate entities. Although the two organisations were founded independently, we share a common vision and mission to support children and young people forced to live with the effects of armed conflict.

Both organisations also share a strategic ambition to work more closely together - an ambition encapsulated in our War Child Global strategy. This strategy outlines how War Child Holland and War Child UK will align their separate operations into what we call a ‘lead agency model’ - where the two organisations will target resources more effectively and support each other with funding and technical expertise.

This process will contribute towards increased effectiveness by removing the duplication of projects and systems. Shared programme design will also lead to improved impact on children, enhanced global advocacy and improved positioning with donors.

Realising this objective will be a long and complex process - but significant progress was made during 2017. The year saw the two organisations agree terms on a Lead Agency cooperation agreement. This agreement will see will see War Child Holland and War Child UK increasingly fund each other's country programmes, advocacy and research activities. Shared agreements on essential standards and operational protocols have also been established.

War Child Canada will not participate in the War Child Global initiative. This is because they want to maintain direct control over all programmes they fund.  

We hope all of these efforts will allow us to expand beyond the countries where we are currently active - and reach more of the conflict-affected children who need our support.