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Recruitment and Retention

We launched several initiatives to improve our processes for the recruitment of new staff over the course of 2017. Efforts to develop a new website for International Candidates were successful - this resource will launch during the first quarter of 2018.

We have also begun to use standardised questionnaires for our international positions - in part because many applicants send in application letters of low quality. The initial results of these questionnaires have been very promising. In the first half of 2018 we will continue to provide improved training on HR interview techniques, in order to both increase our screening capacity and conduct more effective interviews.

The retention of our expatriate staff improved in 2017. The rate of staff turnover fell from 91 per cent to 67 per cent year-on-year - leading to a more stable organisation where expatriate staff occupy key functions.

We also benefited from improved Internal Mobility - the change of role that a worker may choose to engage in within an organisation - within War Child. More than a quarter of both expatriate and head office vacancies were filled by internal candidates during 2017.

The Arbodienst (occupational health cover provider) withdrew its low price policy towards WCH. Also taking into consideration its lack of service, a new Arbodienst has been chosen and transition will take place in 2018.